Collectables, Posters & more

Sheet Music and 60s Publications

Wherever there are records there is always other treasure! It never fails to surprise us what customers bring into the store and what turns up when we make house calls! From obscure Australian sheet music and pristine collections of Oz pop magazines and memorabilia to signed event programmes and sixties tour souvenirs. Many of these items make there way onto the shop floor. IF you're looking for something special we might just have what you need.

Call the store to discuss what's currently available, or just let us know what you're looking for and we'll do our best to find it for you. We can't keep all these items on the shop floor - just let us know if you're looking for more.


We have one of the largest collections of Library & Production music in Australia. Spanning mostly sixties to eighties, we regularly buy library collections including labels from UK, USA, Italy, France, Australia, Belgium, Canada and elsewhere. Many LPs from the labels you'd expect like KPM, Chappell, BBC, Parry, MP2000, Hudson, DeWolfe, Capitol, Sonoton and more.

Whether you're looking for that hard-to-find LP or digging for dollar bin samples, our range of Library LPs and 10"s has something for everyone. Call the store for more info.

Posters and Promo

We always have a few posters for sale. Specialising in, but not limited to Melbourne Rock & Punk, 60s rock & psyche and Australian Jazz memorabilia from all eras. Ask about the collection. Most of the posters on the walls are not for sale sorry, but there's plenty more! Check our Instagram page for incoming!